Block Bottom Bags are also known as AD*STAR Bags which are ideal for automated filling and Packing cement and act as better substitute to the paper bags. The brick-shaped BOPP Woven Block Bottom Bag are produced without adhesives by heat-welding of the coating on the fabric. You can use cement bags roughly as its quality is up to the mark. Our cement bags are highly in demand due to its quality and cost effective nature.

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Block Bottom Bags from India, makes available diverse sizes of bags for our customers all over the globe. Our block bottom bags are ideal for different sectors like building material, food products, chemical, agricultural, etc. and best for Packing concrete materials, cement, chemicals, resin, polymer, granules, PVC compound, master batches, carbon, agriculture & farming, fertilizers, urea, minerals , sugar, salt, seeds, spices, agro products, cashew nuts, dates, barely, flour, rice, corn and all other different type of food grains. These bags are eco-friendly and are available at cost-effective price. We produce bags in diverse inner and outer finish designs that are air-resistant and moisture-proof and recyclable.

The Bopp Block bottom bag can also be produced with open mouth. It surpasses all comparable products as far as resistance to breakage is concerned, is versatile and also eco-friendly and economical.

BOPP Woven Block Bottom Bag is the multifunctional Packaging genius of today The conclusive answer to the growing powder and bulk material markets is BOPP Woven Block Bottom Bag The vision of an all-purpose sack has come true, as this bag can be used for all types of free-flowing goods such as cement, building materials, fertilizer, chemicals, or resin as well as flour, sugar, or animal feed. Robust, versatile, and eco-friendly, it has gained impressive market shares in different markets

Filling volumes from 9 - 75 litres, from nearly airtight to highly air permeable, from extreme low sack weight to maximum strength, from industrial to consumer bag:

BOPP Woven Block Bottom Bag is geared to the respective requirements of each application. For filling goods that are highly aerated & we also offer Micro perforation on the block bottom bags guaranteeing high air permeability and, at the same time, virtually zero product emission from the sacks.

We produce Block Bottom Bags by using high quality materials and latest technology in various sizes, dimensions and colours. Our block bottom bag's manufacturing process includes diverse plastic materials like MET, PE, PPE, BOPP and LLDPE. We also provide box bottom pouches with exceptional and innovative Packing solutions that differentiate products and attract the customers at the time of purchase.


Features :
  • 100% customized BOPP Woven Valve bag with any customized size, colour, GSM
  • UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours
  • Valve for easy filling
  • Economical
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • High strength & Increased tear resistance
  • Inside and outside Lamination as per the customers requirement
  • Cannot be tampered as is hermetically sealed
  • Moisture resistance
  • Tear proof
  • High load bearing capacity

Applications :
  • Building Material : Cement, Gypsum, Lime, Other Building Material
  • Food Products : Flour, Sugar, Animal Food, Salt, Poppy-seed, Yeast, etc.
  • Chemical industry : Fertilizers, Herbicides, Packaging of polyolefin Pellets, Hazardous materials, Powders, etc.
  • Agriculture : Cereals (Corn, Rice), Seeds, Feed, Fodder, etc.

Style Valve Or Open Mouth
Valve Material PP Fabrics , PE Film Or Paper
Appearance Matt / Gloss
Fixation Of Patches Patented Sealing Process
Air Permeability Adjustable By Micro Perforation
Width 300mm To 600mm / Customizable As Per Request
Bottom 70mm To 160mm For Valve Type And Up To 180mm For Open Mouth
Length 240mm To 900mm / As Per Request
Color Printing Up To 9 Color Printing Available / Customizable As Per Request
Micro Perforation Up To 140 M2/M