BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags

BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags

The Bopp Pinch bottom bag concept unites the best qualities of woven polypropylene tape fabric and printed BOPP film to create a cutting-edge Packaging material for dry bulk goods sold in the retail sector. Designed as pinch bottom bags, these bags are perfectly suited for Packaging dry pet food or fertilizer, but also meet the requirements of other products such as seeds, flour, sugar, or rice.The trend in Packaging materials goes towards reducing their weight - less weight means less input material. The result: lower raw material costs and a positive environmental impact.

tear resistance, while at the same time the material layer becomes thinner and lighter. In applications where bulk goods are Packaged in bigger quantities, and especially if these goods need adequate protection against environmental influences or breakage, there has been no way around multiwall paper bags or thick plastic sacks.

A composite of BOPP - laminated polypropylene tape fabric used in Pinch Bottom bag is strong enough to carry high quantities of content, making multiple-layer Packaging no longer a necessity. An average single-layer PINCH BOTTOM BAG that holds 25 kg of content weighs only 118 g - a weight reduction of more than 55 % compared to a 4-ply paper sack of the same size.


Bopp Pinch bottom bag made of polypropylene tape fabric that is covered with printed BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film. Its unique strength and stability derive from the special characteristics of tape fabric: in the extrusion process the polypropylene tapes are stretched and oriented which increases their tensile strength. Then tubular tape fabric is produced out of them. In the next step, BOPP film - reverse printed to protect the print motif - is bonded to the tape fabric by means of a tie layer of finely extruded polypropylene. The result: an attractive, lightweight and break-proof Packaging solution with unrivalled tear growth resistance and punch strength..